Are there any membership fees?

Are there any costs to sign up for

It is completely free to sign up to
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    • Who can sign up to

      Any user over age 18 participating in campaigns or promotions launched on the Superlogic website.
    • Do I need to have a Superlogic account?

      A account is necessary to claim the free American Express NRF Big Show Digital Collectibles during the applicable claim period. Users may sign up for a free account at any time. Users do not need to sign up to a account ...
    • What is Superlogic?

      Superlogic is a revolutionary technology company building enterprise-grade loyalty solutions for the world's most innovative brands.
    • What are Badges?

      Badges are uniquely generated digital assets or collectibles representing your interactions and achievements with your favorite brands. Many digital badges can be redeemed for physical rewards and benefits. The Superlogic digital badge system is an ...