Can I export my GlOrdinal off the OneOf marketplace to a Bitcoin wallet?

Can I export my GlOrdinal off the OneOf marketplace to a Bitcoin wallet?

Yes, the asset will be on the Bitcoin blockchain.  Please remember that if you export your GlOrdinal from your OneOf account to an external wallet, we are not responsible for that asset.  XVerse and Hiro are two of the more popular third-party Ordinal wallets.  OneOf recommends you do your research before transferring any assets from our marketplace.  We do not currently have an import feature for our marketplace so once an asset leaves our marketplace, there‚Äôs no guarantee you can get it back on.
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    • Is OneOf making any money from the inscription fee?

      No, OneOf does not make any money from the inscription fee/deposit. However, both Mula (The GlOrdinal artist) and OneOf make a small fee for secondary trading of GlOrdinals on the OneOf marketplace.
    • What is a Bitcoin Ordinal?

      Bitcoin Ordinal is a protocol that allows individual satoshis (SATs) in a Bitcoin blockchain to be assigned a unique identifier and transacted with extra data attached. (A satoshi is the smallest Bitcoin currency unit, with 100,000,000 satoshis in a ...
    • Who is eligible to purchase a GlOrdinal?

      Only collectors who have both a DirtyGlo Cup and original Glo are allowed to deposit an inscription fee for their GLOrdinal. If you do not meet both of these requirements, you will not be eligible to receive your official GLOrdinal asset in place of ...
    • Will there be an attribute rarity chart?

      Typically Ordinal collections do not have attribute rarity charts. The Bitcoin blockchain does not have metadata in the same way Ethereum blockchains do. However, we will be able to provide an attribute rarity chart when the GlOrdinal is held on the ...
    • Am I able to transfer my Ordinal to OneOf

      No, OneOf will not be providing custody for any other Ordinal assets at this time.