Can I gift a OneOf NFT to another OneOf collector?

Can I gift a OneOf NFT to another OneOf collector?

You can gift another OneOf collector as long as they have a verified account.  All you need is the email address linked to their OneOf account.

1.  Go to the NFT in your collection that you want to gift

2.  Click on the "Gift NFT" button

3.  Enter the collector's email address and click continue.

Please note that there is a $1 fee to gift your NFT, this is to reduce fraud and spam. 

4. You will then be required to enter your 2FA authentication via the authenticator app or phone verification

5.  Once you send an email will be sent to the person you are gifting.  As long as they have a OneOf account, the NFT will automatically show up under their "My 
Collections". If they are not a user yet, they can create a new account using the exact email you sent the gift to.

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