Doja Cat Genesis fusion has arrived

Doja Cat Genesis fusion has arrived

The wait is over! The long-anticipated “fusion” has arrived for Doja Cat Genesis holders. Fusion is a cool way to create new and unique NFTs. Doja Cat Genesis holders will be able to fuse three genesis Planet Doja NFTs using an exclusive recipe book featuring over 77 possible combinations. Create and collect even more rare NFTs while decreasing the supply and increasing the rarity of The Planet Doja Collection. Ready to fuse? Make sure to hit the Marketplace to pick up your Planet Doja NFTs and start fusing now
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    • How does Doja Cat Genesis fusion work?

      Users select any combination of three Doja Cat Genesis Planet Doja NFTs to fuse. Once the fusion has been processed, the NFTs will be permanently removed from the user’s collection and the blockchain in a process called “burning.” After fusion, a ...
    • How much does fusion cost?

      Fusion will cost $50 USD per request for regular holders. OnePass holders will be able to fuse their Dojas at a discounted rate of $40. Want a OnePass? Head to the OneOf Marketplace to grab one now. OnePass Tezos / OnePass Polygon
    • How many fusing combinations are there?

      There are over 77 possible combinations! Check out the Doja Cat Genesis Collection Recipe Book for all the possibilities.
    • Which NFTs can I fuse?

      For the first version of fusing, only Doja Cat NFTs can be fused. Any combination of Doja Cat NFTs will yield a fused result. Check out the recipe book page for all the possibilities.
    • What happens to my NFTs once I fuse them?

      Once the fusion is complete, the NFTs you have chosen to fuse will be permanently removed from your collection and the blockchain. This process is called “burning”.