OneOf - How can I withdraw funds from my Marketplace account?

How do I sell an NFT in the OneOf Marketplace?

​Most NFTs purchased from OneOf drops can be listed for resale on the marketplace as soon as the primary sale is over or sold out. NFTs purchased with crypto are typically eligible for resale immediately. However, NFTs purchased with credit card require a 48-hour "cooling-down" period before they are eligible for resale.

Here are the simple steps to sell your NFT on the OneOf Marketplace

1. To sell an NFT you need to go to "My Collection" of either your Music or Sports / Lifestyle Page

2. Click on an NFT you want to sell and click "Post for Sale"

3. Enter the amount you wish to sell the NFT for then click list now. Please note that there is a 10% royalty take from the listing price and will reflect on the amount you will receive

4. There will be a final confirmation screen for you to review and finalize the selling of your NFT

5. You will then get a 2FA verification notice via Authenticator app or phone depending on your settings

6. Once listing has been confirmed you will get an email notifying that the NFT has been successfully posted for sale

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