How does token "fusion" work in the Doja Cat Planet Doja collection?

How does token "fusion" work in the Doja Cat Planet Doja collection?

The Planet Doja collection is Doja Cat's first-ever NFT collection and is part 1 of 3 total collections in her story arc. Collection 1 tokens will have special utilities and powers to unlock future features and content in Collection 2 and beyond, such as "Combiner Tokens" and "fusion" of a set of any three tokens.

  • You will be able to combine any three tokens, such as Nemesia + Nemesia + Flame Lily, or Protea + Wind + Fire. There are 294 possible combinations and different NEW tokens will be revealed in Collection 2 (coming in 2-3 months)

  • The newly fused token (out of the 294 combinations) will have much more scarcity/rarity, while many of the higher tier combinations can ONLY be obtained through fusion and are NOT available for sale. Rare tokens in Collection 2 will also come with additional Golden Ticket opportunities or other VIP experiences. 

  • Since there are 294 combinations, we encourage you to secure as many Collection 1 tokens as possible so that you can form more combinations in Collection 2! 

  • Some of the newly fused tokens could have additional editions available for sale to new Collection 2 buyers and will be priced higher than the combined price of the three fused Collection 1 tokens. 

  • Collection 1 tokens that are fused into Collection 2 tokens are "burned," reducing the supply of the unburnt tokens in Collection 1, so plan carefully and have fun!

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