How to find NFTs available for offers?

How to find NFTs available for offers?

When you click on an NFT in the marketplace, you’ll see a “make offer” button next to the NFTs that are available for offers.

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    • How to list your NFTs publicly for offer solicitation?

      All of your NFTs will be available for offers by default You have the option to take your NFT off of the marketplace, which means that other users will not be able to make offers on it. ​ If you wish to make your NFT private, just click the eyeball ...
    • How many offers can I accept?

      You can only accept one offer per NFT. However, you can accept as many offers on distinct NFTs as you like.
    • How many offers can I make?

      While you're restricted to 1 offer per NFT, there is no limit to how many offers you can make on distinct NFTs. Be aware, however, that you have to wait 6 hours before you're able to cancel the offer that you sent. Also, remember that if your offers ...
    • What are the best practices for making offers?

      The best practice for making offers is: Be serious with your offers - to increase your chances of getting an offer accepted, try to stay within 20% of the original listed price. If the item does not have a listed price, check out the floor price of ...
    • Why can’t I turn off offers for my NFT?

      NFTs that you’ve listed for a flat price on the Marketplace will be locked in a “Public” state. In order to make your NFT unavailable for offers, you’ll have to remove the listing from the Marketplace first.