How to protect yourself from credit card fraud

How to protect yourself from credit card fraud

If you are a fraudster here is “partial” list of some of the obstacles you will need to overcome before you bag the loot. If you are not a fraudster, these are some of the things we do to protect your card data and the integrity of your OneOf account generally.
Debit/credit card disputes will result in an immediate lock of your account.
  • Two-factor authentication at the time of login and for every NFT purchase.
  • Tokenization of card details (we never store card info). Card data is encrypted and held in a PCI-DSS certificated payment partner.
  • 3DS Secure Authentication. Learn more.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly spend limits for card purchases. Account may be temporarily frozen with excessive declines
  • 30 day hold placed on Marketplace Credit sale you can withdraw funds
  • ID verification at the time of withdrawal (Selfie + valid government-issued ID) and periodic KYC re-verification
  • Spending and marketplace credit withdrawal holds may be reduced or eliminated as trust is established between us.

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