I have a MetaMask wallet, is that compatible with OneOf?

I have a MetaMask wallet, is that compatible with OneOf?

Yes. Only OneOf Sports/Lifestyle NFTs built on the Polygon network are compatible with MetaMask. OneOf Music NFTs are built on the Tezos blockchain, using the Tezos FA2 token standard, and are NOT compatible with MetaMask. The Tezos compatible wallets we recommend are Kukai, Temple, and Galleon. Check this page for a full list of Tezos compatible wallets.

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    • Is there a OneOf Wallet I should download?

      No. There is no OneOf wallet currently available for download. The NFTs you purchase on OneOf are held in the OneOf Custodial Wallet for you, protected by our custody bank partner or kept in the company Cold Storage. They are completely safe and ...
    • How to setup and add Tezos Prepaid Crypto Balance?

      If this is your first time paying with Tezos on OneOf, you'll need to first setup your Prepaid Tezos Balance. 1. Click "Set Up" under "Prepaid XTZ Balance" in "Payment Methods" under the Profile icon at the top right of the site. Or "+" next to ...
    • Can I return an NFT after I purchase it?

      No. All sales are final since NFTs are unique non-interchangeable digital assets. You can, however, list your NFT for resale on the OneOf Marketplace. If your NFT was purchased using a credit card, there is a 30-day holding period from the purchase ...
    • I've just claimed a free NFT, where did it go?

      Once you complete the claim process, you’ll see a pop-up that directs you to view your NFT in "My Collection”. If you do not see the free NFT you claimed, please reach out to Customer Support at support@oneof.com.
    • Can I gift a OneOf NFT to another OneOf collector?

      You can gift another OneOf collector as long as they have a verified account.  All you need is the email address linked to their OneOf account. 1.  Go to the NFT in your collection that you want to gift 2.  Click on the "Gift NFT" button 3.  Enter ...