I've heard that NFTs are selling for millions of dollars. How can I afford an NFT?

I've heard that NFTs are selling for millions of dollars. How can I afford an NFT?

Built on energy efficient “proof-of-stake” blockchains like Tezos and Polygon, minting an NFT on OneOf is thousands of times less expensive than other platforms that use more traditional “proof-of-work” blockchains. OneOf further subsidizes these low transaction fees to offer close to $0 minting costs to its NFT partners who are then able to price their NFTs as low as $5-10, or even free.
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    • What does owning an NFT mean?

      Owning an NFT is digital proof of ownership to a media file, such as a photograph, a video, or a music file that is recorded and stored on the blockchain. Some OneOf NFTs include OneOf-exclusive Vault Content which could be special IRL (in real life) ...
    • Do you own the Intellectual Property (IP) of NFTs?

      No. Owning an NFT does not give you copyright or intellectual property ownership of the file or any of the vault content. This means that you can enjoy these image, audio or video files for yourself, but you cannot commercially exploit them unless ...
    • What is an NFT?

      NFT stands for "non-fungible token." They are built on blockchain technology similar to "fungible" tokens such as Bitcoin or Ethereum; however, each NFT is unique and can be a one-of-a-kind "edition" or part of a limited Drop Each NFT is based on a ...
    • Why can’t I turn off offers for my NFT?

      NFTs that you’ve listed for a flat price on the Marketplace will be locked in a “Public” state. In order to make your NFT unavailable for offers, you’ll have to remove the listing from the Marketplace first.
    • How to find NFTs available for offers?

      When you click on an NFT in the marketplace, you’ll see a “make offer” button next to the NFTs that are available for offers.