Setting up a BitPay account for New Users

Setting up a BitPay account for New Users

If you haven't received a link from BitPay to setup a new account then you need to start here:
  1. How to process Crypto Withdrawals on OneOf
BitPay routinely reviews its products, offerings, countries, and regulations and makes updates to its prohibited countries list as appropriate.
Please note that currently, the following countries/territories are prohibited by BitPay:
Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestinian Territory, Turkey, and Vietnam.

The following steps show on how to create your new BitPay account through the link provided to your email address:

1. After receiving the email from BitPay, Click to Get Started to create your new account.

2. You'll need to enter your details, click on the check box to agree to the terms and submit to proceed to the next step.

3. Once account has been created you will receive a verification email from BitPay. Click Complete Verification to proceed.

4. One account has been verified, you will be routed to  your BitPay account to finish the set up.

5. To add the receiving address, BitPay will have it own verification process that needs to be completed similar to Persona.

7. You'll then need to setup your receiving wallet by going to Settings Page > Receiving Addresses. You will see a message, OneOf wants to send you a payment, Click Setup to start this process.

8. To setup your receiving wallet, you'll need to choose your wallet provider and the currency you would wish to receive your withdrawal in. Once done, hit on Save

IMPORTANT! If you want to change the currency type or address in the future, you'll have to set up your 2FA in BitPayDO NOT try to change the currency type while waiting for their transfer to complete. (See Change Crypto Deposit Address)

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