OneOf - Prepaid Crypto Balance

What is a Prepaid Crypto Balance and how do I use it?

Using crypto to make purchases can sometimes take up to 30 minutes, however, with OneOf's Prepaid Crypto Balance you can make a purchase almost instantly. You can send any amount of supported cryptocurrency (Tezos, Bitcoin, or Eth) from your external exchange accounts or wallets. Your Prepaid Crypto Balance for each currency will be recorded, after which you will have the USD equivalent to use on OneOf.

With Prepaid Crypto Balance, you can request a refund of any unused amount at any time. This can take up to 2 business days to process, and will be minus any network gas fees, as well as a 0.2% bank processing fee.

Your Prepaid Crypto Balance options can be found under “Payment Methods” in the Profile icon on the top right of the site. Please note, the first time you use any of the prepaid options, you will need to verify your identification for security purposes.

1. To get started, head to the Payment Methods section under the Profile icon on the top right of the site

2. Select any of the Prepaid Crypto Balance options to begin.

Note: the first time you use any of the Prepaid options, you will need to go through a simple identity verification for security purposes.

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